Danny Goode for Wasatch County Council - Heber North Seat

Dear Citizens of Wasatch County – Heber North,

Our county and our city face many challenges. I hope to earn your support to bring about solutions by advancing conservative Republican principles of effective and efficient small government which takes care of our needs before our wants.

I am a strong fiscal conservative who believes in accountability and transparency for elected officials. I believe one of the major responsibilities for a councilman is a fiduciary responsibility which means being responsible for someone else’s money, in this case, taxpayer’s money.

I am running to improve communication with the voters and most importantly to honor and respect this fiduciary responsibly regarding the collecting and spending of our tax dollars. I will work to earn and keep your trust in all the responsibilities of an elected official.

I am committed to good government. I am committed to helping our county and city grow and prosper while maintaining our identity and values. I have no desire to be a permanent office holder – I believe in service and commitment to one’s family and community.

I am asking for your vote for Wasatch County Council - Heber North (Seat C). Please contact me to discuss any issues, concerns, and ideas which you may have.